This site is a collection of work intended to show the approach I adopt as an architecture student. A mindset of observing and capturing has played an equally important part in architectural projects as it has with my photography. Articulating an original insight into places is what drives my passion for the subject, and applying design processes which reduce the distance between concept and resolution is one of my core values as a trainee architect.

Having studied at the Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture from 2013 to 2017, I began part 2 of my studies at the Mackintosh School of Architecture. During this stage, I have developed a keen interest in the intersection of the artistic attitude 'Fluxus' and architectural practice. I believe that drawing rationale from parallel disciplines into the process of designing buildings is a key defence against reliance on digital tools.

I am excited about learning from current architectural methods and exploring different ways to put them into action. From studying, I am also looking forward to gaining experience of working as part of a team towards a shared vision of a building's intended function. The spatial practice of architecture can inform how spaces are engaged with, and the question of defining engagement within places is one of my primary interests.


"Men of Steel in a Grey Landscape" Photograph by Fidel Raso



Work carried out on school campus projects at technical design and construction phase. Multiple site visits allowed observation of key stages in building process. Design responsibility across range of scales, including internal finishes, entrance canopy and technical assembly of key envelope details.


Responsibilities included preparation of building warrants, spatial planning and early design stage drafting of small domestic projects. Considerable insight into traditional contract procurement route gained, and experience of accounting for site constraints and client intentions.


Private commission for design of 30sqm Yoga Studio. Project required assessment of existing space and fit out design from survey to practical completion. Work included product sourcing, drafting of all necessary drawing packages from proposal to construction.


Activities outside of architecture include road cycling, rock climbing, sketching and wildlife photography. I enjoy keeping active through long distance cycling and exploring Scotland's best roads for a challenging climb or plumetting descent.


Part 1 gained at Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture / MA (Hons) Architecture.

Part 2 in progress at Mackintosh School of Architecture / Diploma of Architecture.

Stage 3 Explorations Model featured in Exhibition for Academic Model Making.

Shortlisted for Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

4th Year Urban Building Project Featured in Urban Realm Article.

Advanced Higher Design project featured in National Exhibition.

Focus Environment Photography Competition 1st and 2nd Place.